Manufacturer's Representatives Specializing in RF, Microwave and Lightwave Technologies Since 1983
  Serving NY & NJ Metro Area, Upstate NY Region, and Southern NJ, PA and DE territories.

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Sales and Service

RF Electronic Sales Company, Inc. has an experienced sales and service staff to provide you with organized and efficient account management, and accurate follow up.

In order to keep our customers aware of the latest technology developments in our rapidly changing industry, we send out newsletters throughout the year. RF Sales participates in local IEEE/MTT Technical Meetings and other trade shows, and attends the Annual National IEEE/MTT Symposium and Trade Show to support our principals who are exhibiting and to stay current with the latest technologies.

RF Sales services its customers with specialized order monitoring software, which can generate any type of required report. Sales management is kept organized and efficient with software developed specifically for the electronic representative organization. Activity reports are available for our principal's sales managers. We provide direct, telephone, and electronic contact on behalf of our principals through the efforts of our outside salespeople and inside customer and sales support representatives.

Meet our Sales Force

Bob Cutler covers target accounts on Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bob studied Engineering and Business at Clarkson University. Bob brings over 30 years of experience as the owner of Cutler Industrial Sales.

Tony Bocchimuzzo has been a Representative in the RF, Microwave and Lightwave industry since 1973. He has worked with both active and passive product lines and covers the Metro New York area. Prior to being a sales representative, Tony was a hybrid design engineer for Hazeltine and then a member of the technical staff for GTE Labs where he designed microwave power sources and laser imaging systems. Tony attended the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and received his BSEE.

Jeff Holdsworth is a Technical Sales Engineer with over 25 years experience of selling in the RF, Microwave and Wireless industry. His prior positions have been with similar rep firms in the Pennsylvania and Eastern Canadian territories. Jeff holds a BSEE from the University of Vermont and is a member of IEEE. He is primarily responsible for the Upstate New York Territory and Philadelphia Metro area accounts.

Paul Tomasi is a Technical Sales Engineer, with over 30 years of experience supporting the RF, MW, Wireless and Lightwave industries. After graduating from NY Polytech with a BSME in 1981, he joined Hewlett Packard components, originally as an FSE, and then as Distribution Sales Manager. In 1991, Paul started working for TSR, an RF/MW sales rep firm.  He represented leading suppliers such as Celeritek, Narda,  and Qualcomm.  In 1995, Paul joined Toko America as Field Sales Engineer, with later responsibility as Lucent Key Account Manager. In 2000, Paul started working for American Technical Ceramics, originally as RSM, with later promotion to WW Business Development for high power capacitor and assemblies.

Margaret Legnosky is the Office and Inside Sales Manager, and she manages our web site. Margaret can be reached at our Islip Terrace, NY office at 516-624-3800 or by sending an email to:

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    RF Electronic Sales Company, Inc. (RF Sales) only works with the finest manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards. We represent nearly every RF, Microwave and Lightwave Component your application could require.

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RF Sales: Manufacturer's Representatives Specializing in RF, Microwave and Lightwave Technologies Since 1983
Serving the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Market, Upstate New York Region,
and Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware Territories.

Phone: 631-277-0816Fax: 631-581-6968 • E-mail:

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